VIP & TEAM Coach's Eye Members App Reviews

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Great app for Coaches

Use it for middle school and Club volleyball. Great tool for evaluating players and breaking down matches for the players

No buy, bad buy

Like many of the other comments said, it’s free to get but they make you pay $119/year to be able to USE the app. (Guess you need a subscription to use...). Pretty useless...

A money scam

This is “free” to install and then requires an outrageous fee Stay away

Absolutely ridiculous

Free version that only allows you to purchase a $120 membership. Complete waste of time 100% useless. I’d like to see a version that allows me to try it before I buy it a couple times.

Not Free

Deceptive - Free to download, but $119 when you sign up for An account.

Flat out misrepresentation

States 'Free' with in app purchases but then requires a $119 subscription to unlock. Should be banned from Apple App Store for false advertising. Ridiculous.



Incredible Tool

I am mind blown. This tool is so easy to use and not too confusing. Just the right amount of editing tools, keeps you focused and not overthink evaluations. I am extremely happy with this app and will enjoy using it through the future. Great job.

+ Teams subscription is not working

The subscription is not working on the phone even though I joined the team I was invited to. The app is locked and I can't access anything over the phone.

Awesome app

This app has tremendous potential

"Free" my fanny!

No cost to download but then you can't use it unless you upgrade for $119.

Costs $119

The app is "free" then you can't do anything with it unless you pay $119. Complete BS app

Lots of crashes

When things work the way they are supposed to Coach's eye is a good platform for using a GoPro for underwater video. Unfortunately the new update crashes a lot when I use the cloud. As a result it is not worth what they charge for it. I cannot manage the videos to have my athletes find them on the cloud. Very clunky and slow interface once videos are in the locker.


Great app and helpful for rehab coaching as well as sports

Transforms Running

I very rarely write reviews. But this app, along with some of its extras, has transformed our program's way of coaching runners -- sprinters, hurdlers, mid/long distance. Fundamental biomechanical problems are sometimes harder to see than more minor issues. Crosswise arms will slow you down, but you probably won't get injured from it unless you punch yourself in the face. But Coaches Eye makes it much easier to identify heel strikers, over striders, pelvis tilters, runners with tighter hips, incomplete extension at toe off, etc -- all things that are harder to see but potentially more damaging over the long term. As a coach, this means focusing quicker on actual problems (or strengths) with an athlete, which means more efficient coaching and practicing. The sharing functions are really important, especially sharing with the rest of the coaching staff. (I tend not to show athletes other than elite college/post college, the technical stuff can be overwhelming to relatively new/young athlete). Analysis and comparison tools are incredible. We use this constantly and our athletes are faster, healthier, and have even more confidence in our coaching staff. This is a BIG win for our program. (The jumps and throws coaches love it too.)


The app is "free," until you try to install it. You are required to create a login and provide a valid email address, then once they have that info to sell to marketing spammers, you are required to "unlock" the app by upgrading to the premium version for $59. Complete scam.

Zero functionality :-(

Zero functionality unless you pay 60 bucks


Download it and then choose $59.99 or $119.99 a year. Not cool


Only feature you get is the unlock app button.


I was led to believe that I could use some features for free, but that was not the case. After creating an account I was unable to 'unlock' the app unless I made an in app purchase.


Ok, this app is listed as "free with in app purchases," so I figured I'd try it out because it was recommended to me. I've learned that many of these "free" apps give you limited functionality so you can get a feel for it before buying it, so I wasn't phased when I opened the app for the first time and it asked me to create an account to log in. I did so and logged in and was immediately hit with pricing options and told the app was locked until I subscribed. Nope. I wasted my time setting things up and I don't even get to try it. So I deleted the app off my phone and logged in to delete the account I just created, but they don't appear to offer that now they have my email address. I unsubscribed from their email list and better not get any correspondence from them. Seriously guys, just list this as a paid app so people like me don't feel like you lied just to get them to download it. It's a shame because I need an app like this, so I'll probably go to one of your competitors.


U need to get unlocked to access the app

Forget this

What happened to free? I can see a few dollars but come on! There are other options. See you later. One star because you have to.

Not today

$50 - $100? You must be out of your mind


It definitely makes sense to have to pay from $50-$111 for an app like this! You guys, buy the other app for four dollars and save your money!!!


I'm required.... to create an account to use this app? I'll do without thanks. Great app though.

Subscription Required!

When I downloaded this app the description gave me the impression that I would be able to use parts of the app without having to pay anything. I was completely wrong. I signed up and when I accessed the app it said it was locked and the only way I could unlock it was to either pay 60 or 120 dollars. It's outrageous! I do NOT recommend this app to anyway.


This app is pathetic. Apple should be ashamed that they allow anything like this. It's a scam to get your email. Do not download. Don't ever download anything from Techsmith Corporation. This company has lost all credibility with me and I will tell everyone I know.

Coaches eye

I hate coaches eye free worst app ever!

Very Misleading!

The app is free to DOWNLOAD ONLY! Then you have to pay $60, $120 to use it! You've got to be kidding!!


I got it then it said I have to pay 120 dollars to work it. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!

Will not work without account. Deceptive

Useless. Installed. Deleted.

Don't download

They make you sign up with email or Twitter just to lock you out and make you pay 60$ for a membership "to unlock the app" there is nothing free about this

It's not free!!!!!!

I really do not appreciate the fact that it says the app is free and then won't let you use the app unless you pay $60 for a membership I really wanted this app and would really still like to get it but I'm not going to pay $60 for a FREE app I am very disappointed in this app

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